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A Warm Welcome

About me


A pleasure to introduce myself....


My name is Ralph Heijmer, a fully trained and experienced Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies in Surrey and the surrounding areas. 


Whilst working in the wedding industry, I witnessed a number of Toastmasters who weren’t up to the task and really let the bride and groom down. To me this was unacceptable, so I decided to offer a better service myself. Since then I’ve never doubted that was the right decision to make! 


For all events I think on my feet and work on my own initiative. In the past, I’ve nipped out to get some food for a pregnant guest who was feeling faint and the caterers didn't have anything available; taken control of the entire wedding two days prior for a very stressed bride; and arranged lighting equipment for a music band at  the last minute when they forgot to bring theirs.


I aim to do as much – not as little – as possible for my clients. There’s no better reward than being thanked at the end of the occasion for everything or reading a superb thank you letter or email saying the event wouldn’t have the same without me.


So what do I do as your Toastmaster?


Welcoming your guests is just one of the many things I do as a Toastmaster. However before the day even begins, I help you prepare and plan to ensure no detail is overlooked. I will liaise with your venue and with any suppliers both beforehand and during your event, coordinating the day to make sure it happens just as you envisaged. When the special date comes around, I’m out in front of guests and working hard in the background. This leaves you completely free to relax and enjoy the day – your day.


Please do contact to discuss your special occasion about how I can make your special occasion amazing!


Until then, warmest wishes



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