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Terms & Conditions

My Terms and Conditions of Service


My terms and conditions of hire are simply to ensure that there is no ambiguity when hiring the services that we supply.


Therefore, as these form part of your booking agreement, I just ask that you have a read through the below and ensure you are happy with everything below.  If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will be only too happy to help in any way that I can.


How do I secure your Toastmaster services?

Upon your request for booking my services, I ask for a non-refundable booking fee of £100.00 is paid. Only on receipt of this your chosen date and booking of my services is secure.



When do I need to pay the outstanding amount?

All outstanding monies must be paid no later than 1 month prior to the event. I also ask that all monies are paid by BACS unless otherwise agreed. Cheques are not accepted.  Any late payments not received by due date, then this will incur a charge of £7.50 per day until the amount has been received in full. 


What happens if I need to cancel your Toastmaster Service?


Unfortunately, if you need to cancel your booking then I will have to charge the following fees. 

Over 3 months in advance of your event: £100 booking fee.

Within 3months of your event: 50% of the quoted amount.
Within 2 Month of your event: 75 % of the quoted amount
Within 1 month of your event: 100% of the quoted amount.


Whilst it is very rare, if on an occasion where I have to cancel a booking due to circumstances beyond my control - any deposit and monies paid will be refunded in full. We will attempt to provide a substitute Toastmaster if possible, but can not guarantee this and will not be held liable in such an occurrence.


What happens if something goes wrong on the day?


Firstly, with the right planning and organisation that I spend with you in advance of the event this shouldn't happen - or at least if it does, you won't know about it!  This 


But, sometimes I do occasionally get things wrong. If there is something that you are not happy with, at any point throughout your event, please ensure you tell me as quickly as possible so that we can make sure I can put it right. I can't do anything about it afterwards!

Additionally, I should point out that whilst I will do everything to keep your event running the way you want it / and or keeping to time, regrettably, there are times where things outside our control can interfere with this.  This might include, un-cooperative venue staff or guests, weather and catering issues amongst others.  Naturally, we cannot be held responsible for any such eventuality. 



Will you be able to look after children at the event?

Whilst I love children, regrettably my role as Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies is to look after the event as a whole, and I am not able to undertake any childcare duties. I can, however, help find a suitable childcare solution or children's entertainment for your event should you wish. 



Will you use pictures from our event for your marketing


On occasions, I may take photographs or video of you, your guests or your event for marketing purposes. I also might ask for copies of your wedding media from your photographer / video team.  The media might be used for social media, my website, digital marketing, or printed literature.  Of course, if you prefer for me not to do this, then please advise in advance of your event. 



Will you act as Event Security? 


Hopefully there will be no need for any such thing! However, my role is to look after you and your guests and unfortunately I will not be able to attend to any altercations or act as security staff in any way.  Also, I do expect to go about my duties without harassment from person or person at your event, and I can not accept abusive or aggressive behaviour.  If I feel at any time under threat either verbally or physically I reserve the right to leave the event and terminate our services without notice. In such an occurrence, no fees will be refunded. Any damage caused by unruly or alcohol related behaviour shall be invoiced to yourself.




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